Donald Trump Is Wrong About Rigged Elections

Tonight, I felt panic and fear about our country’s future around Donald Trump’s comments on the “rigged election results.” I’ve not felt them since 9-11. His lie of a rigged election undermines the foundations of our Republic in an effort to win an election and to avoid self-criticism. To spare his own ego, he is unleashing […]

Join Us For Our Debate Watching Party!

Monday night is a very cool event! Greg, the WAL crew, and I will host a debate party. From 7:15, we will have a live preview of the Presidential debates. We will stream this live on Facebook if you’re not in Indianapolis. Here is the event. Join in on Twitter with the hashtag #WALDebate. All political persuasions […]

Debate Prep Takes Years

The debate season is crucial for all candidates. It is the greatest test of a candidate’s discipline and preparation. It is hard to explain the pressure a person undergoes as they walk on a debate stage. It does not matter if it is under the lights of a network for a POTUS debate or a local forum […]

Ideological Bigotry

It isn’t often that I can say I agree with Bill Clinton. He made a good point while appearing on the Daily Show. “America has come so far,” he said. “We’re less racist, sexist, homophobic and anti specific religions than we used to be. We have one remaining bigotry: We don’t want to be around […]

Bill Weld Isn’t Going Anywhere

News “leaked” over the weekend from legendary reporter Carl Bernstein that LP Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld would be dropping out to support Hillary Clinton. Weld said it was wishful thinking. Clinton sees the Libertarian campaign hurting her so she had an old friend start a disinformation campaign knowing that Libertarians would be good sheep […]

Gary Johnson to Appear on 60 Minutes

Gary Johnson will be on 60 Minutes tonight. I can’t believe how great this cycle has been. It’s a vindication for all the years of people telling libertarians to give up on growing a third party and change it from the inside. Not once have I been asked in 2016, “Who are you guys running?” […]

30 Books To Heal Codependency and Grow Emotionally

Codependency had always been an amorphous word to me. It was something that plagued weak and needy people. Then I went through a divorce, not of my choosing. I realized I had been codependent through every relationship I’d had. Through the past year, I’ve been through therapy, talked to friends, and have read. A lot. […]

“There’s no one in the world if anything is meaningful and truthful that you’re not going to offend someone. You’ve got to be able to say what it is, say how it is and take the consequence.” – Tommy Smothers

Tommy Smothers (CNN's The Sixties)

The Rev. Ralph Abernathy was the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL in the early 1950’s. As the leader of the largest black church in the city, it put him squarely in the middle of the civil rights movement’s birth. He would befriend another pastor in town: Martin Luther King Jr. The two would become best friends and the leaders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He succeeded King as the head of the SCLC after King’s 1968 assassination. Abernathy passed away in 1990 of a blood clot. I found the inscription on his tombstone fitting: “I TRIED.”

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This is a great event to bring friends that are interested in politics or libertarianism! It is a ton of fun.

We will be recording a live episode and will interact with the audience through games and question and answer. Admission will be $5.

Morty’s Comedy Joint is a full-service bar and restaurant in addition to being a great comedy club. They are 18+. (Our show has bad language anyways.) Come thirsty and hungry.

Date: September 26, 2016
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Event: We Are Libertarians Live at Morty's Comedy Joint - Sept. 26, 2016
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